In addition to face-to-face counseling, it is recommended that clients seek more information on their own. This is not a full endorsement of all the content within these sites, videos, and books, but they are reliable sources of information on mental health.

Recommended Websites

St. Louis Area Resource Directory

National Alliance on Mental Illness – St. Louis

Suicide Prevention Lifeline (800) 273-8255


Mayo Clinic


Recommended Videos

Why Counseling Is So Helpful

Can I Really Change? It Depends on Your Mindset

The Power of Vulnerability

Why Comfort Will Ruin Your Life

What is Trauma? What is Complex Trauma?

Why Men Avoid Therapy


Recommended Books

Loss / Grief / Suffering

Trauma / Abuse

Depression & Anxiety

Family / Parenting


Rest / Rhythm / Renewal

Habits / Choices / Wellness / Responsibility

Your Story / Narratives

Christian Spirituality

Financial Health