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Men are the keystones of their families, businesses, churches, and communities.  Today more than ever, men need empowerment and guidance in order to enjoy being healthy, happy, and helpful for their loved ones.

As a therapist who focuses on men’s issues, I want to help you if you are tired of feeling:

  • overwhelmed with life
  • ashamed of yourself
  • responsible for too much
  • stuck in a difficult relationship
  • like your mind is always on
  • obsessed with negative thoughts
  • stuck in your addiction
  • angry at the world
  • depressed
  • hopeless
  • lonely

I counsel those who want help processing their most confusing problems: depression, anxiety, anger, loneliness, financial stress, addiction, traumatic memories, marriage, children, parents, sexuality, physical health, career change, faith, failure, shame, grief, and identity issues.

Often the people who love us do not have the emotional skills or psychological knowledge to be helpful enough. I can help you navigate life’s most complicated problems, so that you can learn to thrive.

You are here to face your troubles, so take another step.

Let’s start now.