At some point in life, the really important things get all tangled up in an overwhelming knot. Resentment builds up. Anger boils over. Relationships suffer. Hope is lost. You feel alone.

It’s not enough anymore to just suck it up and soldier on as usual. The usual coping methods are not working. It’s just getting worse with time. And there is too much at stake to wait much longer. It’s time to get some help.

If you are facing major problems that are causing you deep stress, you should not go it alone. You can learn to navigate life’s most complicated emotions and problems. You can learn to thrive, not merely survive. I want to help you if you are tired of feeling:

  • lonely
  • overwhelmed with life
  • ashamed of yourself
  • responsible for too much
  • stuck in a difficult relationship
  • like your mind is always on
  • obsessed with negative thoughts
  • stuck in your addiction
  • angry at the world
  • depressed too often
  • hopeless about the future

I counsel all kinds of people who are facing all sorts of intense stressors. Many are facing their deepest troubles from a traumatic past, some for the very first time. Others are facing a current crisis with some truly terrifying possibilities. Others are dealing with less intense problems, and yet it all seems unresolvable, which causes consistent depression and anxiety.

Whether it is depression, anxiety, addiction, grief, family problems, career crisis, financial stress, panic attacks, or a traumatic past… You are not alone. You can be heard and helped.

You are here to face your troubles, so take another step.

Let’s start now.